With a diverse and loyal clientele to match Tommy’z Toko is renowned for hair styling with a unique sexy and racy edge, one that absorbs the individual client in an experience that goes much further than hair but also remains true to the clients character.

Tommy’z Toko is all about the ‘family’. Whilst the styling is individualistic everything comes from the Tommy’z Toko Team, something that sets this salon apart form the rest. Tommy Hagen is the first to admit that he would be nowhere without the people he works with and feels that his inspirational and creative success are directly linked to this amazing team, as well as the teams he works with on the international fashion scene. Importantly, the tommy’z Toko crew are the foundation upon which the Tommyz Toko philosophy is set.

In order to keep with this setting Tommyz Toko undergoes periodic facelifts and provides an inspired working set for the best and brightest in the Amsterdam design, art and hairstyling scene to express their creative leanings. In doing so, innovation, diversity and social dynamics are brought together in one space where the vision is realized and hair styling, fashion and art are united to create the ultimate hairstyling experience.


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