With a background in dance, my style is all about movement and flow. Following the natural flow of your hair, I’ll create a look for and with you that suits your unique personality and style. I create a classic look with a wild edge to give you that funk and make you feel truly one of a kind.

I get inspired by decades like the 80s and 90s and their signature hairstyles, as well as art, fashion and the diverse streets of Amsterdam with its many (sub)cultures.

Expect a natural feel and hair that doesn’t need high maintenance to look good.
Top it off with a relaxing head massage and you’re good to go!

I look forward to meeting you.

With love,



  • Sun child  jeanmichelbasquiat king crown streetart inspiration jeanmichelbasquiatart yellowhellip
  • This day    monday rainyday stormyday digdeep lightenuphellip
  • Oma love light sunday visit grandma iloveher collectionoflife wisdom oldskoolhellip
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  • The best tranquilizer  sea seaview bestviewever birds flyinghigh relaxinghellip
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  • Sunday strolling ijhallen amsterdam vintage hiddengems fox jewelry sunday vibeshellip
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