Tommy is one of the leading hairdressers in Amsterdam. Internationally oriented, he is gifted with boundless energy and creativity. His work is timeless, sexy, and avoids set patterns or styles. It encompasses a personality and aims to ensure that everyone they get their hands on will feel subtly unique, special and confident.

He finds inspiration in all levels of culture – from pop to underground. Like an anthropologist in hair, he takes in the patterns, braids, colours, cuts and graphics and translate them into unique and up-to-date hair styles – from classic to modern and everything in between.


Next to running his salon he also works on shoots with national and internal renowned photographers such as Peter Lindbergh, Blommers & Schumm, Vivianne Sassen and Klaas-Jan Kliphuis. Also he frequently is a hairstylist for shows like Victoria Secret, Gareth Pugh, Dior or Kenzo in Paris, London or Paris.”


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  • HAIR BY ME tommyztoko FOR HARPERSBAZAR  PHOTO  wendeliendaan
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